Thursday, 25 June 2015



Kitty's Back.

Class is back in session as one of Pixar's most beloved alumni of 'Toy Story's' and 'Cars', returns for a prequel. Ooh look that rubber ball stamping lamp is getting all Sci-Fi franchise on us. The sequel to the massive classic 'Monsters Inc' may not have the cute Mary Boo (who may have just influenced someone in 'Despicable Me' so adorable I'm going to die) but all your other favorites are back for the first time with some new fond, funny faces down the halls of this origins story. Taking it back to the old school, this animated feature still in C.G. looks at how the Billy Crystal clear voiced Mike met the big and cuddly Sully of John Goodman. With your favorite giant Polar Bear looking character left in the wash with one of Robin Williams shirts and basically something that looks like it came out of your nose, forming the biggest and smallest dynamic duo since Shaq and Kobe what more could you want? Well Steve Buscemi's back too and so is the royal seal of Great Britain's National Treasure Helen Mirren for a new C.G. face. Hitting the books and red cup and Greek letter basics of the work and play of university life this is even a nostalgic trip for those that don't have one eye and multi-colored fur. Leaping out the closet and into the trophy cabinet, there's no sophomore slump here when these freshmonsters take it back to their rookie card days. School is no longer out this Summer and you won't even want to warm that thermometer in your mouth under the bedside lamp. When it comes to this incorporated franchise you won't even want to be saved by the bell. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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