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She Spy.

120 Minutes. Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale, Allison Janney, Peter Serafinowicz, Morena Baccarin, 50 Cent & Jude Law. Director: Paul Feig.

I spy, with my little eye. Something beginning with...ahahahahaahhahahahahaha!! No longer the 'Bridesmaid' and now always the bride, 'The Heat' is on for queen of comedy Melissa McCarthy. No longer the Midwest, white-trash of 'Tammy', even if her blowing up cover will have you believe, Double M is getting her Leslie Nielsen on spying hard in what could just be the slickest comedy of the year and her best yet. Even if you go undercover and look everywhere for something on the double. An agent of hilarity bringing the Candy comedy, the former host of 'Saturday Night Live' is now the toast of the funny, cooler side of the hot Hollywood pillow. Even in a scorching Summer blockbuster season of dinosaurs, Terminators and all those Marvels, here's one super-spy that's a real hero. The woman with the golden pun. Going from the Moneypenny to Jude Law's Bond audition (complete with a dodgy but delightful American accent for the Brit...well he couldn't roll up all his cuffs could he?), to the funny field herself, McCarthy goes from in-ear to in-operation quicker than someone who doesn't use Q-Tips. Do you hear me? Are you listening. Melissa is kicking 'Kingsman' ass on her own secret service with the stars. Yet it's her perfect partner, Paul Feig who forms a great double-act like a hilarious version of Bond and Bourne in this 'Spy' game. After going back-to-back in the ladies 'Hangover' of 'Bridesmaids' and the classic cop comedy 'The Heat' with Sandra Bullock, Feig is the one in McCarthy's ear from behind the console giving her the perfect direction that only this performer could deliver to your door...even if she has to let herself in. Kicking it all the way down! Freeze!

Getting even smarter, this classic comedy of decades gone finds itself sitting pretty and perfectly today in an industry that sometimes tries way to hard. But it's not all easy. In-between some reel-worthy gags and millions of popcorn chuckling one-liners are some amazing action choreography that hands down is some of the best hand-to-hand ass kicking you'll see this side of the aforementioned 'Kingsman' or 'Jack Ryan'. This mission impossible is made Picard so and almost 'Red'-like that it's anything but 'Tinker, Tailor' for you espionage kids. That's thanks to some Great Brits bringing their intelligence and ineptitude abroad back from the national treasure home of the spy genre. Now a franchise in the making, has some sequels left in the barrel thanks to the gun-totting likes of Sherlock Holmes sidekicks and 'Transporters'. Suiting up and bow-tieing up that shaken Martini, Jude Law is smoking and stirred as a slick, hit agent whose name is Fine! Really...'Fine'! But his performance is much more than that as he brings a hilarious highlight to his vast and versatile filmography. Sending up the Bond symbol, like fellow Brit Colin Firth in his 'Secret Service' movie can these two kings one day deal and shoot it out to play 007 himself? Because as well as having the parody perfect shtick, he sticks it to them and everyone else with his moves. Want the flip-side of that? Then let's leave the royal part of London for some cocky cockiness in the form of all-action hero with balls (in his hands) in the form of Jason Statham. Who may be a little too muck common to one day play James, but has a license to kill it here. Stealing the show here as he goes one above Law and sends up himself. Locked and stocked with two Cagney and Lacey smoking barrels, every line, comeback and where sure outtake here is as pitch perfect as a bunch of singing girls he crushes. And he'll make everyone feel like one here as the 'Expendable' actor shows he's anything but, on a career year that has seen him with the keys to the 'Fast and Furious' franchise and is now in rumoured line to join the Marvel franchise of formidability, to play the iconic 'Daredevil' villain Bullseye (previously, literally headed by Colin Farrell). Although we can just imagine Her Majesty's foulest and finest kneeing someone in the private parts and proclaiming, "I'm f###### c###"! I beg your pardon, but this guy here perfectly tells us what to do with that knighthood.

This films packing even more in it's crime caper, chase and dashed run-time. McCarthy's former fellow sash wearer Rose Byrne furthers her international comedy reign. As the star of 'Neighbors' (no not that one) and 'Get Him To The Greek' (who is also going back to X-Men to continue her serious streak) tries on another dialect with an accented performance. The rose of this picture burns all the competition as a velvet smooth villain. Yet again sending up herself...or at least the way actresses of her generation or type are perceived. Just like Melissa does in this big movie that sticks it to stereotypes and shows you the jokes on you. More laughs are brought from another British stand-up talent in the form of Miranda Hart whose holding all the cards as the new Dawn French with her own stage and show and now across the pond supporting stardom that's only going to get better. Just like the one of another countryman Peter Serafinowicz, parodying up his European neighbors after years of supporting roles that recently saw him take it out of this world with those 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' a-holes. Add the ever hard working and improving Bobby Cannavale (whose in Sam Jackson almost everything right now) and 'Gotham's' Morena Baccarin then it's all looking good, headed up by 'West Wing' and 'Mom' star Alison Janney in-charge of it all, commanding this comedy. Even that's not all that meets the spy-eye with some classic cameos from Mr. McCarthy, Ben Falcone and 50 Cent who re-ups from his 'Last Vegas' comedic chips and plays his funniest hand. Now would you ever see Kanye do that?! Crazier than a lady with more arms than cats, this cream of the crop comedy lurks behind the scenes only to jump out and scare the Summer competition so much that even the latest 'Insidious' would run and hide afraid (no wonder former star Byrne opted for this one with her Bridesmaid sister this week). With enough scooter power to run 'Mad Max' off his own fast 'Fury Road' and leave 'Furious 7's' The Rock's 'San Andreas' at fault this spy goes harder than all those that need to try as such. The spy the critics loved, s####### the opponents. Groovy bello Melissa! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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