Thursday, 30 June 2016



Rock Along.

106 Minutes. Starring: Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan & Aaron Paul. Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Between The Rock and Kevin Hart's place as the undisputed Floyd Mayweather champ of comedy, this heavyweight and lightweight pairing is a punchline knockout. And in the middle of a 'Civil War' blockbuster season that has seen an 'Independence Day' regurgitation...excuse me 'Resurgence', possibly the coming of the real 'Apocalypse' in the latest 'X-Men' franchise farce and critical proton packs already out for the new 'Ghostbusters' movie before ite even been seen (not cool), this film may not be quote on quote "Intelligent", but boy is it good comedy buddy. As these Bad Boys reunited, 'most likely to succeed' no matter their physical appearance make high school look like it was just 48 hours ago. Another classic buddy (cop) comedy for the franchise farm generation has seen Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson and Kevin Hart take a rush hour trip around the Big Smoke of London for 24 hours in the foggy towns respective big double decker bus and smaller hackney cab, all tricked out as 'Central Intelligence' went all British intelligence. And you just have to catch this. As this may be the funniest, one-two punch, perfect pairing since Tucker and Chan. So much so the sequel was probably being wrote the same time as the third act, even though in this Hollywood formula day and age it was probably done with tracing paper. Yet centrally, more than that this comedy seems to be...well clever...if you can excuse the dumb sentence.

'Dodgeball' director Rawson Marshall Thurber avoids even more bouncy, red plastic balls thrown from critics with another classic underdog story that has that out of nowhere humor that will have you rolling over and expletively laughing out loud as much as the elaborate set pieces made to take your a## off. There's 'No Ragrets', not even one for R.M.T. who introduced us to 'We're The Millers' and that may just be because he has the best improv comedian cinema has seen since the script versatile Vince Vaughn, with a scream as fondly funny as that Rat Pack members laugh. You know what I'm saying? Look at this guy! Kevin Hart has done it all. Three feet high and rising! From selling out shows like De La back in the day, to showing his transition from screen to stage is no 'Trainwreck' just like Schumer (and that was a compliment, no insult Amy. We need to talk about your competition Kevin). This man has even got hard with Will Ferrell, "funnys" greatest force, all whilst planning weddings for Olaf. This guy just wont let it go...the comedy crown that is. And we all know about his ride alongs with Ice Cube too. But now teaming up and wrestling with an even bigger (literally) crossover star in what on the surface looks like it could be the third part of the trilogy Kevin shows even more heart.

And it's thanks to his Rock, Dwyane Johnson who shows that beneath all that tough guy, Riddick ripped, Vin Diesel exterior lies more than a few funny bones. There's a full skeleton of them. This 'Baller' and forthcoming D.C. superhero may have been spending a lot of franchise face time with that team of petrol heads. But in going 'Fast and Furious', this mans Hollywood career has hit the nitrus, when some critics thought it would be just 'Gone In 60 Seconds'. But it doesn't matter what all the critics thought as this man in the middle of an eight strong series wonder is the only man rumoured for his own spin-off (think 'Faster'). And in bringing the actually amazing action to what is basically a buddy film for the comedy catalogue this Commando almost bullet-proof vest and camo looks like Hobbs at one point, you can smell the baby oil. You would think this Herculean 'Scorpion King' wouldn't have the time to lather up the gym (six hours a day for the last twenty years) inbetween saving 'San Andreas' and what looks like another franchise as the ultimate hunking lifeguard in the Zac Efron 'Baywatch' reboot. But you might just actually be looking at the industries most marketable superstar. And if Dwyane Johnson really is this generations sportsmen to all-acting action hero like former Mr. Universe, bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger than alongside his Hart this is his 'Twins'. The rock known as the world is his. Spell his name right and address him properly...with no raised eyebrows. There's a lot here to keep those waxed and then draw on, or mono lines of up however. From 'Birdman' and 'Bridge Of Spies' Oscar fare star Amy Ryan playing it Central Intelligence Agency straight, to Aaron Paul breaking out the 'b####' in him yet again. Completing an A-list cast with even more classic comedy cameos from more franchise faces that are too good to spoil the surprise...but we must alert you. Still nothing rings the hilarity alarms like the dynamic between the Hart and Johnson. These two are smell me? We could watch Dwyane's never curbed, epic enthusiasm not take Kevin's screamed "NO's" for an answer all day...or at least for another two films that keep the gags reeled. C.I.A. plus! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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