Monday, 5 September 2016


Contest Of Captains.

(WARNING: Contains Spoilers For 'Captain America-Civil War')

Today sees the release of 'Captain America-Civil War' on DVD in Britain. And the last time we saw Steve Rogers in the movie blockbuster event of the year he was plain-clothed about to break the rest of The Avengers out of  'The Raft' Prison 42, Negative Zone like cell from the comics. Unless you count the "real Marvel fans stay-behind" after credits scene of 'Civil War' where Cap leaves Bucky with T'Challa's Black Panther, safe in the nation of Wakanda...again suited up in street clothes like he was for most of 'The Winter Soldier'. This all after he dropped his Shield like a Gladiator after driving it into the light of Iron Man's arc reactor chest again and again. Despite the fact that his vibranium frisbee was made by no other than Howard Stark. Tony's pop.

O.K. so he didn't die! But the Russo Brothers have confirmed that Chris Evans will not return as Captain America for their 67 Marvel cinematic character strong 'Avengers-Infinity War' in 2018. Instead the man who has also played Johnny Blaze's Human Torch for the 'Fantastic Four' movies and appeared in comic-book adaptations like 'The Losers' and 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' will enter Nomads land as the character good ole Steve becomes in the comics once he abandons the old fashions of the star and stripes. And to think his suit in 'Cap 2' was a hint at him giving up Marvel's most meaningful mantle. Looks like the skinny kid from Brooklyn on steroids can't do this all day after all. But as statues have even be erected in real-life New York for this comic icon, who will pick up the Shield for Captain America and The Avengers?

In the red corner with a 'Shining' elevator like tide of blood crimson star, dripping like his ledger is a man so ready to carry vibranium his whole arm was made of it. That was until Tony Stark blew it off from his chest plate. Comic legend says that Steve's best friend Bucky Barnes takes on the Captain America role after ditching his brainwashed Winter Soldier assassin villian and it seems to make sense. Especially with the Easter Egg like hint in 'Civil War' as Cap and Buck had a two-on-one beat-down on Stark that saw them switch between holding the shield as it bounced off the hull of Iron Man's exterior suit. More Easter evidence is given to that in a deleted scene from the epic airport set-piece in the conclusion of the 'Captain America' trilogy where Buck picks up Cap's shield again during a fight with Iron Man's own sidekick Jim Rhodes' War Machine only to say "I got to get me one of these"! Yeah?! Really?! You mean it?! Looks like it's on!

But then again if you watch the scene look who takes the rebounded shield and flies it back to Cap. It's a nice little assist to this dual dynamic oc which member of the duo is going to be the one. Because think about it. It's going to take a hell of a lot for Tony to give his father Howard's shield back to Captain America...especially if that Captain America is Seargant Barnes. The Buck that killed his dad. Brainwashed or not...I can't really see that washing. This may mean the Shield and the American flag of Marvel's Avengers will fly with the Falcon. Anthony Mackie in the blue corner staring down Sebastian Stan's other sidekick. Wanting to prove this bird with the drones military cinematic upgrade is no Robin, Ant could be the man to take the giant step to being the super soldier, no serum. 'The Hurt Locker' star has barracks of experience, especially in changing fates with 'The Adjustment Bureau'. And whoever came up with this amazing concept art above has an eye for the future, just like the comic one who have already given the Falcon this ultimate, all-'American' upgrade. Look at it. Look at it! Make him the Captain now. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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