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Deep Black Sea.

107 Minutes. Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russell, Dylan O'Brien, Gina Rodriguez, Stella Allen, Ethan Suplee & John Malkovich. Director: Peter Berg.

Disaster struck the gulf coast in 2010 after the largest oil spill in U.S. history happened following an explosion on the rig 'Deepwater Horizon'. 11 workers lost their lives and 17 were injured as a result of the explosion that spilled 200 million gallons worth of oil for 87 straight days, polluting 400 miles of the Louisiana Coast and among other atrocities killing around 8,000 animals. All because some petrol smoking B.P big-wigs wanted to cut corners and save some of that cold, hard, fat-cat cash. Oh they were charged with manslaughter don't worry (although the term should be more like 'mass-slaughter'). But those charges? Last year...dropped like balloon lead. So it's about time somebody did something about that injustice. That's why 'Battleship' director Peter Berg set out to make a movie. But this is no corny sink or swim disaster flick. This is the real deal. The tensest vessell since Tom Hanks' 'Captain Phillips' or 'Sully' saviour. This is not entertainment. This is education. This is not a Hollywood blockbuster just outside the Summer season. This is a scorching alarm clock call that hits you like a ton of bricks. As Berg reunites with 'Lone Survivor' Mark Wahlberg for another modern real-life tale of a real hero triumphing over a seemingly hopeless adversity resulting from mankinds neglectful cruelty, influenced from a greed that does nobody good. Following arguably Wahlberg and Berg's best film-not just collectively-comes a better one. As part of the double-acts dynamic one-two punch this fall. 'Patriots Day' about the Boston Marathon bombing comes next, hitting home for the Beantown born Mark.

That one on the horizon Oscar could be Academy worthy...this one already is? But you best believe the tag team of Berg and Wahlberg aren't out to strike gold. They're not even out to make money. They are out here to make a difference. Teaching an all too soon tragedy to the modern masses more concerned with their phones than their homes...and the world around them. Let alone what's happening to it. This isn't popcorn. This is an explosion of real-life consequences that Berg hits you at all angels with to really hammer his point to the bone. Immersing you to the degree you feel bruised and battered and almost as engulfed as the men on that rig trapped in an inferno of oil and fire that is pure Dante. And again Pete Berg does not do this for your Friday film night shock and awe, but your real and raw taste of the truth. Honouring these men and blue-collar heroes the only way seen fit, with a no cornball, no holes-barred gut-punch of what they don't show you on the news or in a B.P photo-op, press release cover up. As we said this is no Hollywood action-flick. And 'The Fighter' star Mark Wahlberg is no action-hero anymore. He's actually an actor of acclaim that plays regular-Joe, real-life ones all the way down to the tightened laces of his tied boots under blue Springsteen jeans. Born to work, the understated actor knows how to play the corners with restraint all whilst still holding the room. From 'The Departed' to 'The Perfect Storm', Wahlberg is quite possibly-in terms of acting ability-one of the most underrated big-names in the movie world. And that's probably because he's more "industry" than the Hollywood one. And here he honours another survivor like the Marcus Luttrell lone one in Mike Williams with all his heart. We can't wait to see his Boston beat cop courage under Berg's watch again come 'Patriots Day'.

Deeper down this A-list cast of stars are many plus numbers paying tribute to the men and families of Deepwater Horizon. 'Almost Famous' star Kate Hudson is back in the big-time as Wahlberg's Williams' wife. Only a Skype and a million miles away. She plays this perfectly with country 'stand by your man' solidarity and strength of character. A sweet science project scene with loving man and wife and daughter, played by the stellar, Mackenzie Foy ready for the big-time child actor Stella Allen that racheted up the foreshadowing contrasts in the trailer is hallmark wrote. Whilst there is a tender first on-screen moment in movies between Hudson and the husband of her mother Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell. Russell himself back like when he was the thing of big-80's 'Big Trouble' and 'Escape' movies, the Wahlberg to John Carpenter's Berg. Back as fast and as furious as the franchise that picked him and his career back up and applied the nitrus. Keeping the 'Bone Tomahawk' 'tache and the country steer strong attitude of a stern elder statesman. The mans so other-worldly he's about to play a whole planet in Volume 2 of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'. Here he's trying to save our one from all the egos and he does it with the humblest yet strongest heart of vet courage. 'The Maze Runner' kid Dylan O'Brien is amazing too as he traverses the pipelines and coming of age roles. The same goes for 'Jane The Virgin' star Gina Rodriguez, on career form showing us Gina, the actress. Whilst amongst some 'Unstoppable' familiar faces, 'My Name Is Earl' star Ethan Suplee handles oil rigs better than he did train ones. But it's legend John Malkovich being the B.P. big problem of this picture that really shows us just how much a mans greed for gold can leave them tied to it, drowning in an ocean full of oil. There's nothing slick about this sort of tycoon and whilst Berg illustrates perfectly the couldn't give a rats attitude of the brown nosing big-wigs playing trash paper football as everything is being unknowingly torn and shred around them, Malkovich mesmerizes us in showing the fear behind the dollars in his eyes. The 'In The Line Of Fire' and 'Killing Fields' star out of all the cast members showing exactly how much devestation one mistake can make. Showing the real cost to literally everything that merely making more money for a man already swimming in it and what that actually does. Those men in suits on a high lie watching the honest workers toil through all the trouble below. Those B.P men who still deserve to be in deep water, but won't even see a court date on the horizon. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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