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Buns Out, Tongs Out.

88 Mins. Starring: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, James Franco, Danny McBride, Nick Kroll, David Krumholtz, Salma Hayek & Edward Norton. Directors: Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan.

Cloudy with a chance of speedballs, to be frank 'Sausage Party' is f###### sick. And we mean that like how both the adults and kids say it. To those who think funniest man alive with the best laugh, Seth Rogen ruined Christmas 'The Night Before' with the last yuletide he brought, then just wait until you see what the masturbating mind behind all the best comedies does with the 'Toy Story' concept under a tree. Pixar this is not. Even if all too hilariously and regretably some cinemas promotion team didn't realize what they were doing putting an R rated trailer for this great skitish "bake" off right before the 'Finding Nemo' sequel, hoping all our memories would be Dory. North Korea tried to neuralyze 'The Interview'. The whole United Nations will have a problem with Rogen's biggest sausage fest since the 'This Is The End' ensemble without a single pineapple to be scanned on the express counter. Still it's a Christopher Mintz-Plasse McMuffin away from being a Supersub of 'Superbad' actors as Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and even a shelves load of talent Bill Hader are here for this secret life of pork products that see directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon sell their 'Thomas the Tank' and 'Shrek' souls for these foods. This stuff makes a real meal out of everything from race and religion to 'The Great Beyond'...and we aren't talking about no random R.E.M. hit for the new Frat Pack generation. Forget dreaming. You must be mushroom-ing!

Food heaven is the hallucination for these counter products. Being boiled and troubled, sliced and diced and all things not so nice is the food hell reality for these chopping board bound supplies. And making this an animated adult plot point is so genius and gross even 'Family Guy' Peter Griffin might have to shield Stewies eyes. This is for big kids only, who will know they're in on the joke. Date night or not ("one for the Sausage Party please"...yeah thanks Seth!). Rogen rocking a big package wrapped in a Sinatra tux plays Frank, strung along with his Frat furter bros. Looking to make a hot dog sandwich out of great neighbour Kristen Wiig's curvy, doughy Brenda Bunton with extra mustard colonels. Yep, that's right! That's your premise. But here's a Mickey Mouse white gloved hand for Rogen who is on spicy fire here. Having the balls to do this aswell as a big dog. Wiig is on a dime here too following her proton powered, slime-tastic 'Ghostbusters' reboot. That did so much for gender roles in movies, despite the ignorant internet backlash from small boys. Sure she may essentially be playing a piece of a## here but these stereotypes are all in satire. If we're too easily offended...the joke may be on us. Because they all bring something special here. Like the 'Superbad' high-school reunion. As current 'War Dogs' star Jonah Hill joins a pack of wiener-dogs to show he's not too 'Moneyball' big enough to still do Seth Rogen roll calls. But it's geek-legend best friend Michael Cera who steals the show, essentialy playing a small-penis. Whilst blue co-star and 'Trainwreck' leading man Bill Hader-the inspired impressionist-cops three roles as some Indian firewater, a gangster guacamole and a shot of tequila. And you can't even tell a single one is him. I know f### us right!?

Unrecognizable but also unmistakably great are some of the humans played by check the credits with amazement, Paul Rudd as a spotty Simpsons-student shopkeeper and James Franco as a junkie with a spliff sense that sees junk food. This is the funniest James and Paul have been since their respective 'Night Before' dick-pic and 'This Is The End' champagne crying cameos. As a matter of fact you can't even tell it's a east aisle and big-swinging Danny McBride playing a jarred jar of something you're not exactly sure what is. Is it honey? Is it mustard? Spreading the A-list of hilarity further Seth's oldest friend Craig Robinson plays a box of Grits that hates crackers...yeah they said it! And that's where the stereotypes get really testy as Davind Krumholtz plays a wrap from the middle-east of the store called, wait for it...Kareem Abdul-Lavash. Who hates a jewish bread called Sammy Bagel Jr...played by Edward Norton of all people. The Academy Award winning actor and Avenging Hulk is anything but green here, putting on a recognisable but accented performance. You will like him when he's nasaly. But never fear what has tore them apart can always be put back hummus. And if you thought that was bad they make a taco out of a sizzling Salma Hayek. Just don't call her something like Teres...whoops! Too late! But it's all in good natured, tongue-in-cheek ribbing. What more could you expect when character actor David Kroll almost steals the show as the villain, playing a douche...literally. But if you thought these guys are a bunch of bags then check your eyes and think again. Your crying with laughter, but there's something to be said with all these sterotypes. And Seth Rogen hopes you get the real joke, even if critics have their toothpicks out for the best food related puns we've seen since there was a leek in the boat. And the greatest food musician cameo...and we aren't talking about no Red Hot Chili Peppers or Black Eyed Peas. Because between a twinkie with a Trump toupee and a piece of gum that looks like a cross between Professor Stephen Hawking and Krang from the Turtles the only time this dish gets too close to the bone is during a food fight parody of 'Saving Private Ryan' that for the nature of what the movie is really about is a little too tasteless for our liking. Apart from that don't get hangry because this silly 'Sausage Party' is just dumb fun that only gets really crazy when you get a real shot and load of food porn. This is one meal for your Instagram that has no filter. Not a sausage! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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