Saturday, 25 December 2010


MOSCOW, RUSSIA. JULY 20, 2010. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene from Christopher Nolan's Inception movie. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Karo premiere film company) Photo via Newscom

(Sorry Robert Downey Jnr, you did good but it's this mans year, wanna argue?)

Leo really was king of 2010. With two of his biggest commercial and critical successes this year DiCaprio furthered his legend and status as one of the best leading men in Hollywood today and one of the best actors of all time. To start the year off Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up with Martin Scorsese yet again for 'Shutter Island'. This dark, psychological horror, illuminated the thrilling story of the human mind, much in the same way the pair demonstrated on 'The Aviator'. With DiCaprio proving to be as significant as De Niro, Scorsese once again developed an incredible working relationship with his muse. What resulted was a film like no other the two had done before. After that success Leonardo refused to go quietly into the fall with his Summer smash with Christopher Nolan, 'Inception'. Thanks to a great cast, story and score Nolan crafted a film almost as classic as 'The Dark Knight'. Leo was the centrepiece however bringing depth and emotion to a more action orientated, psychological thriller that delves deep into individuals dreams. With both pictures Leonardo painted two different portraits of troubled and conflicted men. With this, DiCaprio yet again provided excellent character depth by getting more personal with his approach to his work. With more projects in the pipeline including possible, legendary portrayals of J. Edgar Hoover, Frank Sinatra and The Great Jack Gatsby. It doesn't look like Leo's done delving yet and if this year is any sign of things to come the deeper he delves, the greater his legend becomes. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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