Saturday, 25 December 2010


Celebrities photographed at the Shutter Island premiere, held at the Ziegfeld Theater, in New York City, NY on February 17, 2010. Among those in attendance: Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese Fame Pictures, Inc

5/5. Without a doubt Leonardo DiCaprio is the man of the year. The already legendary actor, furthered his greatness with two more career defining roles this year. Two films released in the space of six months which are among the stars best. Leo collaborated with classic director Martin Scorsese for the fourth time and after ten years of classics ('Gangs Of New York', 'The Aviator', 'The Departed') the director and his new De Niro muse may have made their best with 'Shutter Island'. Believe that this number 3 position is almost criminally insane as this film really is one of the greatest films of the last decade. If it was released in 2009 (as originally intended) it would have been the pick of the year, if not the best of the first decade of the new millennium. This film is that good, it's just there's two more films that match it's greatness. 'Shutter Island' evoked every chilling and demented aspect of it's novel and Scorsese's direction alongside The Band's, Robbie Robertson's soundtrack selections gave this dark psychological horror the chilling backdrop it needed. The film featured excellent support from Ben Kingsley to Michelle Williams but the best came from born-to-be-a-cop Mark Ruffalo and the character of the films set was just spookily perfect as well. From every mist of fog to clouded minds this film scared the hell out of you when there was nothing behind you. It's all in the mind here as DiCaprio takes his trademark conflicted, troubled man acting to the next, timeless, legendary level. A character development we would see more in his summer smash with Christopher Nolan but not like we witnessed in this Scorsese epic that cuts right through to the bone. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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