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This 3D IMAX experience blows Avatar out of Pandora.

PG, 130 Minutes. Starring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen. Director: Joseph Kosinski. Screenplay: Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis

LOS ANGELES - DEC 11: Atmosphere arrives at the TRON: Legacy Premiere at El Capitan Theater on December 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Photo via Newscom

It's taken 28 years, much better, more advanced graphics and even more Jeff Bridges hair but the sequel to one of the latter parts of last centuries most revolutionary films 'Tron' is finally here a decade into the new millennium. 'Tron: Legacy' is exactly what every sci-fi fan, every connoisseur of 3D and every bit of Jeff Bridges latest hot streak needs. Close to perfection film making and science fiction so convincing your pulled into it's reality.

'The Big Lebowski' is the right man in this film, even if he is suffering an identity crisis yet again. You see 'Tron' creator and 'dude' of ENCOM industries Kevin Flynn (Bridges) has created a computer game world as ingenious as a Swiss watch. Trouble is he's stuck in it thanks to a clone of himself (portrayed unbelievably, brilliantly in computer graphics that have literally taken decades off Bridges). Back in the real world Flynn's son is in one of his own as he thinks his dad is long gone. That's until he's thrust back into reality...his fathers one. That's when the games really begin.

The buzz for most sequels wouldn't last almost 30 years but 'Tron' is no regular franchise. Back in the 80's it may have looked as basic and as now dated as Atari but Bridges looked great and the story was original and revolutionary. Today things are the opposite. 'Tron: Legacy' is the most visually stunning film you will have seen in 3D so far, yep that's right 'Avatar'. Glossy, shiny and futuristic in beautiful neon, call it how you see it because it stimulates every part of the visual sense. From the first view, through the skyscrapers of the modern day 'grid' your thrown right in it. 'It' being amazement.

The trade off however is the plot, it's pretty simple as per the usual with most big, expensive blockbusters these days. This is fine except sometimes your left not caring much for the story, wanting to get back to the action as quickly as possible. Still these moments are few and Jeff Bridges saves them with his legendary charm and charisma in his conversation pieces. Still between the hi-tech action scenes and the low brow at times storyline some parts of the film your left saying 'duuuuude' and at others, 'c'mon duuuuude'.

Still this film is far from a travesty and if you've got a beverage here you better put it down because just like Steven Tyler you aint gonna wanna miss a thing. Ever frame of this film is gorgeous in it's electronic splendour. The fight, bike and flight scenes are so well done it's worth the IMAX admission. More futuristic than Neo this film visually will leave you saying 'Whoa' in your best Keanu Reeves impression.

Jeff Bridges is once again on stellar form, proving that the years have done nothing but given him a strong second wind. The Oscar winner with a 'Crazy Heart' gives fans a little more dude right before his eagerly anticipated epic turn in 'True Grit'. Jeff Bridges the gap, shining brilliantly as the old him and the new young him, or is that the new old him? Either way Bridges owns each scene. Garrett Hedlund is also brilliant as Flynn's son Sam, entering the Chris Pine world of new, young, exciting talent. While 'House' star Olivia Wilde makes a home for herself in each and every scene. With a sexy, short black cropped hair do, this bombshell is a cut, head and shoulders above the rest. Michael Sheen also reaches deeper into his character acting skills with a charismatic cameo. Sheen shakes off his usual Tony Blair look completely, channelling David Bowie with a 'Space Oddity' performance. There's even a sleep and you'll miss it cameo from 'Inceptions' Cillian Murphy, who looks the part more with every film and less like a scarecrow.

Joseph Kosinski's direction is superb making this film even funny and touching in parts. This movie is even exciting in the 'real' world scenes. This 'Tron' expands Disney's legacy even further. There is even a great electronic, soundtrack from dance duo Daft Punk, who also make a camera shy, cameo. Still the graphically imposing visuals overshadow everything including the story. Still for stunning popcorn films this year you won't beat it and even with few characters 'Tron's' legacy still develops. With aesthetically pleasing set pieces this film finally gives you a reason to pay for and put on those Roy Orbison esque glasses. With it's mix of shimmer and shine and futuristic complexities and basic brilliance 'Tron: Legacy' is finally the film that really ties IMAX and 3D together. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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