Wednesday, 29 April 2015



He Know Tai Chi.

Show me Keanu's opponent! Lately people have been declaring the killer 'John Wick' (it really is mass murdering the box office, pistol whipping it into shape) in the name of this guys comeback. Now forgive me for going all LL on you Cool James' but what comeback?! He's been here for years. Don't call it like it is, fine! But there's plenty more reasons than the '47 Ronin' that this guy has been on top of his block busting game-that has played the likes of 'The Matrix', 'Point Break', 'Speed', 'Johnny Mnemonic', 'The Devils Advocate' and 'Constantine'-and remains a constant in this movie world. One of them may be the 'Bill & Ted' and 'Lake House' stars underrated versatility to go along with his evergreen youth (even in the contradiction of middle-age) and likability. One arrow of Keanu's ever expanding range on the bow lands him in the Far East where his love for all arts martial takes him to acting alongside his damn good directing debut in 'Man If Tai Chi' that is shot even more beautifully than its lavish locations across Asia. Now any thought that the all round nice guy plays his hallmark hero here is dispelled in the first few seconds of screen time when he stabs the stuffing out of some guy, whilst grimacing about being "owed a life". It appears this is a new direction for Neo in more ways than one with this fighting artistry being the spiritual sequel that 'The Matrix' deserves. Just check out Reeves' formidable fight finale that sees him playing the Morpheus amazing ass kicker to co-star Tiger Chen who leaves a legacy of legend here alongside great performances from the likes of Karen Mok and more. Half subtitles, half Reeves, pay attention to this electrically shot and stunning set-pieced picture. One that proves Keanu is still that and that before 'John' there was plenty of fire left in the candles wick. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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