Sunday, 28 February 2016


Wolverine: Tokyo Drift

Big in Japan?! Here's how the Earths Mightiest Heroes could really rule the world!

Not like they already aren't in this 'Age Of Ultron'. From a 'Civil War' going on between Captain America and Iron Man and 'Batman v Superman', with enough superhero in-fighting going on they don't even have to worry about the 'Dawn Of Justice'. Or the smallest screen for that matter as the biggest heroes of the silver screen are dominanting the Netflix one from the dark 'Jessica Jones' to the even darker, punishing second season of 'Daredevil', that's set to be even more electric than the sonic age of the battle before the 'Infinity War'. All this and those galaxy guardians and we haven't even begun to mention the Spider and the Panther. Or Benedict Cumberbatch's forthcoming 'Doctor Strange'. Or even the current indestructable hype of the fourth and all sorts of franchise wall breaking, merc with a movie 'Deadpool' that's come before all of this right now.

And he isn't even "officially" Marvel.

He made his official debut in the 'X-Men: Origins' of a 'Wolverine' movie. Now currently sitting watching 'The Wolverine' sequel in Japan (not actually "in" Japan...that comes next! Tokyo here I come!) we're wondering where the 'Old Man Logan' inspired "one last time" for Hugh Jackman as the clawed Canadian will leave us. And we're not talking about Tom Hardy donning the yellow spandex...although we're sure you ladies wont consider that a bane to deal with at all.

No we're looking a little further East to the legacy of the adamantium mutant. What about the baby? His son. The one he fathered in the comics and was presumed dead. Only to be risen as Daken. The Dark Wolverine, evil but oh so devilishly sexy...apparantly. For a comic book character at least anyway. Doing for fan girls what Jessica Rabbit did for teenage boys in the late 80's. Now frame this! In the Wolverine movie, the Logan wolf of the X-Men met a Japanese woman and left his heart in Tokyo like Bill Murray channeling Tony Bennett in San Fransisco.

So could all this add up to a Daken movie? Or at least a small budget series?

For some years now fan boy blogs have insighted this inspired idea for the classic, cult comic and even looked for a lead from Hollywood to Asia...but lets at least kill that rumor and just wait for an unknown Japanese player to make his name Daken's. Kind of like what Charlie Cox did for Matt Murdock...and if you think the Yukuza look threatening in season 2 of aint seen nothing yet! Matter of fact like his Wolverine fathers last time on screen lets Marvel at this whole thing being filmed in Japan. Loved the out of the gun action of 'The Wolverine' from the bullet train to iconic martial arts? Then imagine more soaked in skyscraped rain and drenched in the neon of the night. Now that would be electric...especially with the eclectic heart and soul of the brutually beautiful backstory.

Now who you think we could get for a cameo bub?

But wait...there's more...

...if Marvel really want to continue their round the world, globetrotting domination Stan Lee could make an appearance with Rosetta Stone. How about the whole thing being filmed in Japanese? No not a translation but a literal handing of the keys to some guys from the anagram of Kyoto. You've got can deal with it! Let's not go back to the hilarity of some kung...fu...dubbing and....their....erm....unec...essary pausing! Lip sync that!

Not sold by this overseas export? Well how about you imagine that always spine-tingling exciting, comic book flipping, Marvel red I.D. intro in Japanese characters! Konichiwa. Yeah...this ideas got claws! Now can someone tell me the Japanese for 'Excelsior'?! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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