Sunday, 7 February 2016



Man Of Blue Steel.

102 Minutes. Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell & Every Celebrity In The World. Director: Ben Stiller.

Ridiculously ridiculous. The wait for the eagerly anticipated sequel to the crazy, classic cult comedy 'Zoolander' was almost as ridicuously long it was almost getting out of fashion...let alone hand. But still, Stiller's Magnum opus was far from deralique. Balls to that. This is the Red Hour Ben who has milked the 'Fock' out of his 'Meet The Parents' and revisited 'Night At The Museum' franchises. It was about time he added a new line to his most weird and wonderful collection. With a spring in his catwalk step, Mr. Blue Steel is on one so hot right now streak ever since the Forest Gumption of 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' and now this clothes show reveal. But then again time lines have changed from the early days of the new milleniuum. This is 2016. A world of driver beware selfie sticks and hash tag trends...oops! To some Derek Zoolander and his biggest rival turned partner in crime to fashion police, Hansel are older than the legend of Gretel and oh so 'Lame' (I think that's French for...well lame). But these icons turned cursory tales have got more to worry about than being in the bargain basement of past season looks. Someone is out to put a block on all those celebrities pouting for the selfie like teenage filter diluted Instagram girls. Now we can beliebe killing Justin Bieber (hilarious guest star by the way) but The Boss?! Hash-tag not impressed. Now look, if you thought stopping Chinese throwing stars was hard enough wait until 'Zoolander No. 2' gives you all it has to throw at you. Perhaps you'd like it if we started with a wash cloth? How about something a little more self absorbing?

We bought that Zoolander showed us there's more to life than being really, really ridicuously good looking...but does he still look good now after all these years? Well pout all you want critics if you thought that Zoolander was going to humiliate himself again like the time he walked up and accepted an award from Lenny Kravitz that wasn't for him. Because Derek Zoolander is back and its like he's never left magazine covers and advertising billboards. Ben Stiller revisits and even directs his classic character like he never lost the pout. Despite churning out classy comedies like 'The Watch' and 'Tower Heist' at a 'Tropic Thunder' pace. And guess what? Yep that's right he can finally turn left! This is his best character since his 'Dodgeball' villain and now all we can hope for is that he brings the moustache of White Goodman back too. Because this underdog is back on top with his sequel story. Dodge that! And Stiller's chemistry with his 'Starsky & Hutch' co-star still cops charisma. Owen Wilson is still so hot right now as Hansel even without his scooter or Yo Yo. From 'Cars' to 'No Escape' and the magnificent 'Midnight In Paris' inbetween Luke's brother has been trying some different looks recentely. But from stepping up in 'The Royal Tenenbaums' to shrinking down for the artifacts of the 'Museum' trilogy, Owen has always had Stiller's back like he has Wes Anderson's. And it's done him well here as he returns to one of his favourable best characters, getting all the best lines and looks here. Everybody still loves him...even an orgy '24' strong! The most lovable Wilson since Tom Hanks' volleyball is no Cast Away or cast off. Owen owns this!

If you thought two of the biggest and best comedy legends and friends was showstopping enough for this stage, than just wait until you read the label on this list of designers. An endless runway of movie stars, musicians and of course fashion designers makes this probably the record holding movie for celebrity cameos...and they're all hilarious. So much so we dont want to spoil a single one. Not one of 'All'...even if you have seen one of the best in this trailer age of spoilers. All we know though is that we'd trade them all for another classic one from the late, great, God of you own style himself, David Bowie. Rest Peacefully Ziggy! There's more big names to this outfit however. Just like the forever young and beautiful Penelope Cruz. Fitting into this comedy catsuit at the same time as her 'Grimbsy' turn and giving some foreign flair to this European 'No. 2', that sees this 'Zoolander' go from a Chanel looking perfume ad to the spy spray of an early look of the five strong 'Mission Impossible' franchise Cruise. And what modern comedy, even a male model classic world be complete without the 'Bridesmaid' queen of comedy? Following there just being something about her in 'Mitty', your new 'Ghostbuster' Kristen Wiig is even more unrecognisable than you think. Fleeking (darling...I hate that word almost as much as selfie) and fashioning up something that sends up everyone from Donetella Versace to anyone that has ever gone under a plastic knife. Botoxed to the hilt of you forehead wrinkles, as always she'll still leave you in creases. Still down this line you have to make way for the king. And comedy God, Will Ferrell is back to another character he does best to start the year inbetween comedies with Mark Wahlberg. 'Daddys Home' (in competition with that and the 'Dirty Grandpa' parent Stiller met in the running joke to start the new year) and back as the Dr. Evil of fashion, Mugatu, Ferrell is on feral funny form. From a Burgundy 'tache to white Einstein hair the only man that has a way with classic characters more than Ben is's his movie too. And this continuing legend reminds us of the legacy of his 'Anchorman' sequel. Long awaited. Hyped and buzzed to the point it probably would have worked better if made sooner, but oh so worth the wait. To some the future of this special preview of the Spring line '2oolander' may be so last season. But everybody loves retro. RELAX. Just do it! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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