Tuesday, 16 August 2016


The Finest Years.


Think you can't go 'Beyond' 'Star Trek' for Chris Pine's biggest film this year? Come 'Hell Or High Water' you aint seen nothing yet.

Drawling Southern accented tones that suggest a residence where there's 'No Country For Old Men'. A Texan on his two Clyde, bank robbing trail with real 'True Grit' in the form of Jeff Bridges. A 'Crazy Heart' and soul to think you can find justice as an outlaw in this neo-Western of today's anxiety and anger aggravated America, ruled by the gun and the twitchy tips of a finger that triggers it. All for at no so almighty dollar. This isn't a recession...it's a not so great depression. And come 'Hell Or High Water' you've never seen Hollywood hearthrob Chris Pine quite like this. Looking somewhat like Colin Farrell is Season 2 of 'True Detective', with the dirty blonde, long hair and the Magnum moustache to match. The pretty boy turned good is about to follow all the DiCaprio's, Gyllenhaal's and Gosling's, swanning in his mid-thirties to become the actor he was always meant to be. Pine is about to find his place and prove it all career like when Bradley Cooper became more than just that handsome Dan from 'The Hangover' in 'The Place Beyond The Pines' (see!). A blockbuster boy who can match the big action with big acting, the scorching Summer cinema staple is about to fall in with the Oscar party season. You can see it in the wisdom that lies behind the weary eyes of his weathered look in 'H.O.H.W'. How he looks when a trailing finger on his leg picks him up at a seedy, all too local casino bar. Or how he tries to avert his gaze, but can't, confessing all to his son in an all too real moment where he's teaching his young'un about the lessons of life like he was a pupil. Mixed with the understanding of poverty-physically or psychologically as he describes how he's been poor his whole life and how he'll do anything to ensure his kids don't inherit that "disease". And how he loses it in the face of his sibling (played by the always as brilliant as he is Academy underrated, Ben Foster) almost getting them killed. All between the brief brotherly respite of the joy on his face that care-free play-fighting brings. 'Hell or High Water' wrote by the Cormac/Cohen inspired scribe Taylor Sheridan (not to be confused with the next, youngest best actor of 'Joe', 'Mud' and 'X-Men: Apocalypse', Tye Sheridan) who penned last years best 'Sicario' could give us this years one and an award nomination worthy classic. Come the devil or what Noah built his ark for.

Versatility, Chris has it like his superhero Hemsworth and Evans contemporaries all reaching for that higher acting plane (see 'Captain America' in 'Snowpiercer' or Kirk's dad (ready for '4') 'Thor' in 'In The Heart Of The Sea'). What more could you expect from a man that has played both 'Captain Kirk' and 'Wonder Woman's' boyfriend? Coming from a family tree of acting Pine's, Chris found his place between romantic comedies and big budget blockbusters. After he started out in matrimony with Anne Hathaway for 'The Princess Diaries 2-The Royal Engagement', more big breaks came with the classic body-swap esque premise of 'Just My Luck' with Lindsay Lohan and a mad-cap, crazy cameo in the all-star studded and bulleted 'Smokin' Aces'. After that though his luck changed and he caught lightening in the bottle with his ace in the hole steal of a hand, flipping the card on the table...and the house. With a reboot of Gene Roddenberry's iconic 'Star Trek' in 2009 he was the cocksure charming charisma that captained and piloted this picture and the cast and crew introductions from the moment he entered the bar...and passed it, with flying colours, no red-shirt. We all know the rest, a force of a franchise moving at warp speed, so much made so that director J.J. Abrams was given the Jedi power to re-awaken the only cult, out of this world sc-fi series bigger in 'Star Wars' last year. Giving the warp core to 'Fast and Furious' director Justin Lin and his nitrous like injection to this speed. Pine has been a runaway talent since. From his 'Unstoppable' train thriller with Denzel Washington and his late, great 'Taking Of Pelham 123' director Tony Scott, playing with their trains again. To the comedy charm of killing it in 'Horrible Bosses 2'. Owning it alongside comedy greats like the big-three of Jason Bateman, Sudekis and Charlie Day. Not to mention supporting couple Jennifer Aniston and that "mother######" Jamie Foxx. 'Into Darkness' was a superb sequel too that saw Chris sit in is Captain's chair firmly, inheriting the Kirk Starship throne from William Shatner and honouring him even more by acting like him. Then after the passing of the original Kirk's Spock, Leonard Nimoy, tragedy struck 'Star Trek' twice as all-too young and soulful actor Anton Yelchin died in a freak accident with his automobile just weeks before the third part of the 'Star Trek' trilogy was set to be released this Summer.

'Beyond' paid tribute to him and the great one however in a whole new galaxy. And alongside a scene stealing Yelchin who had even more lines than the previous two films, showcasing the talent he had before he died and always will have in memory and movie legacy, Chris Pine developed a great buddy-movie (with plenty of comedy) dynamic with Anton that could have ran and ran for even more episodes in this next generations series run, instead of an all too tragic, acting lap of honour for Anton. Pine was perfect in 'Beyond' as the Captain with a new coat of arms, growing out his James T. hair and growing into that role even more, making it his. And we can only hope now the trilogy is done 'Star Trek' goes beyond 'Beyond' for another five year mission. Because you just know Chris Pine will boldly go where only one man called Bill has gone before so long as there are more voyages of the Final Frontier by the Starship Enterprise to seek out new life and new civilizations. Because even though Pine-whose had his finest year already with the real-life, one manned boat, incredible, sea rescue of 'The Finest Hours' that already showcases his Academy acting acclaim before February forgets-looks to get his Oscar speech ready (along with the tears he shed for Common and John Legend's 'Glory' from last years 'Selma'), this guy is the captain of franchises. He's about to stand by 'Fast' franchise friend Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman' for the latest 'Justice League' instalment as DC Comics go to war with Marvel...and this one looks like it has the vintage vibe and texture and tone of the war torn 'First Avenger' of Captain America with D.C.'s first lady Diana Prince. After the 'Dawn Of Justice' of 'Batman v Superman' failed to take off, this one needs to as much as it needs to be seen with a fresh pair of eyes. Just like the slick spy thriller of 'Shadow Recruit', as Chris Pine took over from 'Batman' Ben Affleck to become the new 'Jack Ryan' in an underrated film that deserves it's own franchise series like Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin's 'Red October'. Pine's 'Ryan' instalment showed he was the Jack of all franchise trades and spied more secret service ops in a Bond, Bourne and Bauer, 'U.N.C.L.E.' time that also saw some fun and spy games with Tom Hardy in the underrated comedy capers of 'This Means War'. Aside from battling for Resse Witherspoon's heart with Bane, Chris knows how to go to that, whether it's for the federation or 'Justice', with the banks or with the stars. And if you thought his biggest weapon was his charisma, then think again, it's his genuine ability to be able to wear more than one mask in this acting game of more than two faces. "I was made to be charming, not sincere", Chris said as Pine went 'Into The Woods' for Disney's Streep sing-a-long. But that acted statement couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to the man himself. Which is why the man who they cast to play Prince Charming (I mean really who else?) can also be called up by acting legend Barbra Streisand to sing a duet on her new cinematic collabo album that features everyone from 'Bosses' co-star Jamie Foxx (who like Streisand is the only Oscar/Grammy winner to have a number one album and movie at the same time) to 'Ghostbuster' Melissa McCarthy. Now how's that for a Royal Engagement? Mark it in your diary, before you get ready for the wonder that is next years princess. But before all that elegance, when it comes to the ever eloquent interviewee (just check recent Kimmel, or your latest 'Entertainment Weekly') Pine, you might want to mark an envelope or two too. Because between all the blockbusters to come, Chris will one day wear an award the same colour as his captains uniform. Come high water or...you know the rest. Expect Pine to tread it all. You thought his acting belonged in the shallows? You're about so see something heaven sent. And for those that can't see that depth, for their doubt there'll be hell to pay. We hope the devil deals in dollars. Maybe it's time to rob a bank!


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