Thursday, 4 August 2016



A Fish Goes Wander.

97 Mins. Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Ty Burrell, Ed O'Neill, Albert Brooks, Kaitlin Olson, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy & Idris Elba. Director: Andrew Stanton.

Finding...erm...who?! You can be forgiven for having the memory of a goldfish...or a blue one at that. It's almost been a decade and a half since we were 'Finding Nemo'. Kids that grew up loving the orange and white fish with a funny fin now have kids themselves and what a series and sequel to introduce them too. Handing it all down so poignantly and perfectly. Nemo may now almost be as old (so much so they had to get a new ten year old in to stand in as replacement for his voice...hoping no one would notice) as that iconic lamp that stamps on the 'I' of Pixar from the start of the cars, toys and all the monsters inbetween and inside out, but this computer generated animation is still illuminating in a world taken over by incomprehensible Minions. But don't be all yellow, mellow. It's time for Dory's story. We hope you're sitting comfortably with your feet paddling in the water like the perfect 'Piper' signature short to begin that may just be the cutest and best yet.

The portrait of Dory blue and how she came to bump into Marlin too is the perfect school holidays kid distractor, but parents look up from your not so smartphones...this one and it's enduring message that you possibly couldn't forget is for you too. You don't need to talk about it on tomorrows daytime 'Ellen' show...she's here to tell you like it is now. DeGeneres reprising her iconic role and the part she's most synomnous with in Hollywood outside hosting the Oscars has the deep blue sea all to herself now. This is the woman whose had every celebrity on every side of entertainment on her shows time and movie moment. It's her picture and she C.G.I paints it perfectly. Giving Dory and the anxious, amnesic characterization of her underwater muse the sympathetic understanding and loving respect she deserves. The couch is turned on her now. Never mind Oprah ("You get an ocean! You get an ocean"!). Even Tom Cruise couldn't jump on this quite like this. Ellen DeGeneres is more than just another host. She's a star as this fish!

But there's a new school here going to great lengths in this ocean drive. And like the guestlist of one of Ellen's chats it looks like a 'Modern Family' affair. Legend Ed O'Neill is married with tentacles as an Octopus that doesn't like to be touched, inking his grumpy but fond repuation. One petting zoo with a paddle scene drives the horror of it to you like Matt Damon with a 'Talented Mr. Ripley' oar. Puncuating the message to what this film has to say about the cruelty of places like Sea World in many metaphors like all those all too real documentaries you should really stream and share on social media more than you Snapchat yourself as pixilated Pixar person. Ty Burrell is also perfect as a sonically challenged whale (having that time of his life) alongside his Destiny wife Kaitlin Olson for some hilariously delivered ooohing and ahhs which we can't tell if they were more funny being wrote or delivered off script. There's even more legends on deck with the return of Albert Brooks and the sometimes signature villains warm and friendly voice as unmistakable and recognsiable these days as a Bridges brother. And who better to play Dory's lost parents than greats like leading queen Diane Keaton and Mr. American Pie himself, Eugene Levy? And that's just the crust. They've even got Idris Elba (inbetween fighting with the federation in 'Star Trek: Beyond') sitting on a rock with a catchy catchphrase he owns like those seagulls...who yes are back like a turtle shell Easter Egg dude. Animated director Andrew Stanton gives us everything we've been waiting calenders for in a sequel 'Finding' fans have been searching for longer than the weeks craze of Pokemon Go (yes I've made a reference to this new craze...I have officially sold out people). Now she may not be Pikachu but how many points do you reckon you'll get for a big blue fish with a forgetful heart...but a heart all the soul same? While this more British Summer than South Beach scorching blockbuster season has looked to the 'Toy Story' influenced 'The Secret Life Of Pets' for inspiration, it's time to look to the fish-tank for more between the coral and deep sea diver. Because did you forget about our finned friends? No matter what though, through it all and throughout the years Dory and the 'Finding' franchise has just kept going. And you know like it's journey of hope against any odd, it's just going to keep swimming. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


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