Friday, 5 August 2016



Suicidal Tendencies.

123 Minutes. Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Cara Delevingne, Karen Fukuhara, Adam Beach, Scott Eastwood, Common & Ben Affleck. Director: David Ayer.

Time for the Summer blockbuster season to commit 'Suicide'. Some may say it's only right it gets put out of its misery. Believing it's been a dark and depressing time in cinemas of late when it was supposed to be hotter than Stevie singing in July. Signs of the 'Apocalypse' came when there was a 'Resurgence' of franchises like 'Independence Day' that-no matter how many explosions-couldn't save the world like the latest 'X-Men'. At least we can thank the popcorn Gods for the forgetful fish and the spy who can't remember his name. And then again this was the year of 'Civil War'. Superheroes at battle with themselves. Captain America vs Iron Man and every Avenger they can possibly recruit and recreate aside from the 'Ragnarok' of Thor and Banner. All this superhero debate and Marvel versus D.C. corraling kicked off when Martha's boys 'Batman v Superman' faced off for their 'Dawn Of Justice' that split everyone like the worlds two most famous superheroes. From the die-hards to those who would have rather...well died. And now after a year plus of promotion (the comic-con debuted, wonderful looking 'Wonder Woman' and Gods among us 'Justice League' films take heed) and more trailers than the all-star cast had on the lot, critics are putting a gun to the heads of the mercs with mouths that hoped to do blockbuster battle with 'Deadpool' too. The 'Suicide Squad' is looking at deaths door (despite the unfair hounding of the black dog days of 'BvS' leading to some candy crush reshoots...that doesn't bode well for the 'Star Wars' story 'Rogue One') before you could even hope for a sequel. But should they pull the trigger?

"F### Marvel"! 'Fury' director David Ayer is...well furious after critics were fast to sabotage his squad like his Schwarzenegger picture. Making him this years not so fantastic four, Josh Trank dart for their targets. The experimental camera man behind the 'Blair Witch' for the boys in blue, inspired 'End Of Watch', wrote the book on bad cops with the Washington Oscar winning 'Training Day' and is known to bring out the worst of the worst despite the mess. His madness has method too...a punishing one like Jon Bernthal in the so good they're unlikable 'Fury' of claustraphobic tin tank confides in Nazi Germany, going to war with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pena, Logan Lerman and even squad affiliate Scott Eastwood. The terrifyingly tense and fraught tone showing exactly what war is, especially when you're part of the machine. And just like he did with his Beastie Boys homage with Arnie, on his latest trek this star director shows just how mad-cap messy it gets when you try to get a band of bad guys to save the world (they were always going to be anti-heroes) from what looks like Groots family tree on fertilizer, lead by a suicide girl with a baseball bat giving it what for like she's trying to decide the cliffhanger finale of last seasons 'The Walking Dead' all by herself. All to the ball and blitz tune of a Bohemian Rhapsody of everyone from Rick Ross to Panic At The Disco for these 30 Seconds To Mars and Willeniuum stars fight music in one sweet Spotify stream of a soundtrack playlist. And that's before David throws a real Bat into the mix for these goliaths. Now there's a subplot man! A one even fit for Supes or another classic cameo for someone else faster than a speeding bullet that try to yawn and put your arm around your date and you'll miss it. You see Batfleck's return after his Batman beginnings versus Superman is worthy of admission as Ben Affleck's Dark Knight is more like the cape fear striking villain here in this bad guy flick that manages to do what Sony's 'Amazing Spider-Man' wanted to do with Green Goblin Dane DeHaan's 'Sinister Six'. And he really is on a crusade as the suited up Wayne (why? Because he's...ahh you know how this ends) in a cast so A-list even the B boys are stars. From Clint Eastwood's son Scott knowing how to ride-like he's about to in 'F8'-with a raw dirty dozen and even Oscar winning rapper Common returning to the other glory part of his double act. But no matter how Oscar and selfie worthy this cast is, it's time to get the picture and the goals of what really matters...the inmates running this Toronto filmed town to the 6. A looney tunes asylum of Arkham's finest. The squad.

Focus! Because a pair of confidence tricksters reunite to fool you twice just when you George Bush thought you couldn't get fooled again. Well trumping all that like truly the worst of the worst our leading man and woman are ready to take your wallet they're that bad. Or should we say good? And that's no con. Blockbuster big hitter and straight shooter Will Smith returns from his Oscar hit 'Concussion', shaves his dome, grows a Rozay beard, moonlights as a Walt Frazier stetson and leather pimp and really takes the ball like a Knick legend..."triangle b####"! A bullseye as Deadshot, Wills ways here are in a whole other universe than 'Independence Day' or 'Men In Black'. Mr. Smith-whose wife Jada-Pinkett is in this T.V. series wider D.C. Universe as 'Gotham' mob-queen Fish Mooney (we smell a comic crossover)-is the real scum of the universe. Did you forget he was a Bad Boy too? He may say "lets go save the world" like his sci-fi legend, but it's almost sarcastic as later on he retorts over scotch; "remember we're the bad guys"! What is he appealing to? 12 year olds?! No the kid from Bel-Air is the raw prince now, parents just won't understand. Riding blunderbuss to this ammo and the cereal matchbox Jokermobile is a Harley. A Dr. Quinn, medicine woman. It's clear the thief of 'Tarzan's' heart has rubbed off on our Dead-eye Will whilst trying to get his watch, as Leo's little monster, raised by Wall Street wolves, Margot Robbie is perfect as the squad scene stealing Harley Quinn puddings. What's wrong Daddy? Mad this suicide blonde has got another boyfriend? Or that she's not in her signature, original jester costume? Well just like a fellow Aussie playing in clown make-up this bubble gum popping, cherry bomb princess is about to make this incarnation iconic. And we aren't talking about Jai Courtney, although the regular team player returns all sorts of stereotypes as Boomerang. Just like an unrecognisably inked Jay Hernandez ignites his Human Torch, flame throwing, iconic Diablo character. Or like how Smith's 'Concussion' teammate Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje snaps up his Killer Croc role. With Karen Fukuhara sharp as Katana and the underrated actor of character Adam Beach tieing it all up as Slipnot like it was all heavy metal. And lets not forget model actress Cara Delevingne. The worlds most famous face almost unrecognisable as the enchanting Enchantress and a new trick for the next time the paparazzi come calling. It's all lead perfectly by the hoorah, left, right military grade Rick Flagg flying Joel Kinnaman, but Godfather puppet orchestrated by a politically violent Viola Davis. Devastatingly great as always, but this time in bringing a house of cards down. But with all these punchlines how can we forget the Joker of this pack? Looking half a minute from one of his own concerts, 'Dallas Buyers Club' Oscar winner Jared Leto is hard to pin down and recognise for any of the previous things he was most famous for as he transforms his body of work and inked repuation into another classic character that was worth all the rats and condoms he sent to his co-stars. Not together mind you...THAT would have been too weird. Even if he is as rare in this picture like his calling card is in a pack of smoking aces. He's in a damn Rick Ross and Skrillex video as The Joker more than he is in this. With a homaged voice, but a laugh like no other Leto with a sadistic streak pays tribute to all the Clown Princes before him. From Cesar Romero and the voice of Mark Hamill (who-despite critics jokes-has been killing it recently in an adaptation of the purple princes greatest graphic novel) to Jack Nicholson and the late great Heath Ledger who redefined what it meant to wear the iconic Joker make-up, all whilst making this classic character his own inspired incarnation. Ledger's legend may always have the last laugh, but in making his own legacy this is Leto's one and chance for a crack at the classic cackle. We can't wait for you to be shown all his toys...oh wait they cut that classic line and five fingers to the face out. Like numerous other jokes from the man from Mars in this overproduced messy montage that needed more attention paid to the dues of the details. We'd love to see a gag reel of deleted scenes from the cutting room floor. Just like we can't wait to see Jared's Joker face off properly and perfectly with Ben's Batman like he teams up with Robbie's Harley like Sid and Nancy, all for the better and worse, Sex and Pistols. Worst of the worst? Nope! This bad meets evil makes the best of a bad situation. Squad up! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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