Wednesday, 28 May 2014


The Silver Surfer.



Blink and you'll miss it! It all happens in the tear of a split second. That's how long it takes for Evan Peters to not only introduce himself properly to the world, but own Marvel's Quicksilver character and the marvellous mutant mash-up movie that is 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past', a new classic, comic book cinema trip across time that brings the loved likes of Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen and even Peter Dinklage of 'Game Of Thrones' together. A classic cast-list of old and new famous faces of legend and legacy alike that all in some way battle for top billing from the commercial critics to the cult fanboys and girls. A cast list that all pale in comparison to the grey haired man running rings around them like he was one super wonder kid. He truly is, faster than a speeding bullet, he'll change the game and everything before the cap has even left the chamber. Just have a taste of what he cooks up in the kitchen. They're all there; the claws of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, the mind of James McAvoy's Professor Charles Xavier and the moveable matter of Michael Fassbender's Magneto. Halfway being soaked by the sprinkler system and about to be wet with the bullets from pistols of Pentagon power from more security guards than this casting department could possibly afford to hire. Still it's all a slow-motion walk in the park for the speed of light Peters' Quicksilver character that takes his silver jacket and goggles for a surf around the soaked suppers of the security detail. With a Pink Floyd tee on, he lifts his headphones over his googles and long hair to the tune of Jim Croce's 'Time In A Bottle', cutting a line like the prism symbol of the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' cover and creates a Lucas Till like havok of artwork to the peaceful backdrop of Croce's tranquil classic. Running up the walls like Trinity, as quick as a knife but as slow cooked as Sundays lamb shank, the silver linings of this Quick Evan changes the matrix of a scene that almost looked like a death by firing squad, shooting gallery.

Bullets change direction, cheeks get poked, hats get tipped off and everyone but this Pete sakes character look stupid. Why are you hitting yourself?! This Quicksilver character like a sleuth spy in speedy disguise not only apprehends more agents than James Bond, he also saves the big-three of X-Men characters all whilst testing to see whether or not the soups hot. It's clear this kid is. After his wallet stealing, pong playing, one man table tennis served up intro, he really gets cooking in his one breakout season that shatters glass and land speed records. In a cameo as classic as Wolverine's 'First Class' F-bomb, or any that Stan Lee or any actor have given to movie moments this kid does more in a few minutes than all these top-ranking stars do in all their main screen-time. He's there and he's gone, saying goodbye to the X-Men and all their fans who want so much more from arguably the best thing in one of this years greatest films. He's told in farewell to "take it slow". We dont think so! I bet you thought when it came to Marvel films this year the likes of Anthony Mackie's Falcon in 'Captain America-The Winter Soldier' and Jamie Foxx's Electro in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' stole the show from the A-listing Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield. Still, Evan Peters is to 'X-Men' 'DOFP' what Dane DeHaan's, Harry Osborne's Green Goblin is to 'TASM2', dominating everyone like Sebastian Stan's 'Winter Soldier'. Now we're lest screaming "NOW" for the 'Apocalypse' that will hopefully see more from the character and Magneto...because after all his mom used to know someone that could move objects like Erik. Sometimes someones such a scene stealer that you have to write an article about them. Marvel keep revealing great new characters and actors that steal the show and the latest is this kid. One who even bests the young, great Oscar winning Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique character, who is given the screen time floor to work her mesmerising Mystique, metamorphosis magic. Still if you love this in fashion Quicksilver as much as Australian surfers do, then you can expect more sped up silver skates like Laurence Fishburne in the 'Fantastic Four' and we're not talking about that Johnny Blaze reboot that see's Chris Evans permanently put on Captain America ice.

Joining Steve Rodgers, Iron Man, Thor and The Incredible Hulk in next years 'Avengers-Age Of Ultron' will be Quicksilver and his twin sister the Scarlet Witch (who was not in X-Men (unless she was watching T.V.)...that was the portal power of Blink). Alas though fans of Peters may be shocked to find a new face behind that Richard Gere hair colour in the form of this years monster 'Godzilla' star and John Lennon 'Nowhere Boy' on the side Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Those pesky studios and Marvel rights hey! The same rights that keep Wolverine and Spider-Man out of this superhero super-team now have two guys turning up to the red carpet in the same costume like most girls most dreaded night out. To make it even crazier both of these guys have been superheroes together and co-stars in 'Kick Ass'. Taylor-Johnson took the lead in that one and was thought to do the same for the bigger and better Avengers team too, being introduced in a post-credits teasing cameo at the end of the Captain America sequel. Still, Peters got out of the blocks sort of first and sought after foremost in this 'Days Of Future Past' film that sees this X-Men team reclaim their popularity as one of Stan Lee's greatest creations. If you thought D.C. and their Justice League had a hard enough time rivalling this formidable franchise in Marvel's age of Avengers and arguably it's greatest year in all these dominating decades then they didn't count on these guys biggest blockbusters battling against each other like 'Batman vs Superman'. Still it's all love at comic-con between these two convincing characters, the heaven sent Peters and Aaron who looks to give a deeper and darker turn of Quick speed, but one that still could even kick the biggest movie monsters ass. Even though right now Evan is the almighty attraction running rings round his old friend and sprinting straight past all the critical and visual ridicule he received from the professionals to the blog posts (hello...but not me) after he was first announced to suit up in shiny silver (hey even the late great, legendary Joker Heath Ledger received hate before he proved everyone so wrong in 'The Dark Knight', which despite all this Marvel still holds the standard for greatest superhero film of all time). The garb looks great, the goal is dunked on and the part right now is owned and rightfully his as Evan Peters is the man of the moment in Hollywood. Sure, having that sought of honour in the land of the walk of fame can sometimes seem like a quick stroll out of the park, but right now this guy is swinging with his own career-high home run and although most wish we could have one Quicksilver and one Marvel film that brings all these franchises together like the great 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' is hoped to do, it's cool that we have all this to debate over and delve through and enjoy.

Besides in this comic world that resurrects everybody and isn't afraid to bring them all together for a collision course of prequels and sequels, if the studios did get together how crazy cool would it be to have both Quicksilvers together in a quantum leap of parrell universe diverging distinctions? I propose and predict a riot! One that will be loved by fans and critics alike as Marvel race past D.C. yet again. Then these guys will be able to truly duke and race it out to see whos quicker and who lasts longer. Still, with that being said the 'Kick-Ass' standout, running wild as Peter Maximoff leaves everyone in the dust with his cocky charisma and charm that could make a room full of Tony Stark marks look meek. This guy could outrun the Flash so you can forget about that series for a minute and as for Superman...give him a running start and who knows. This guy is an insane Usain bolt of electricity and right now like a ray gun is shooting down all the mutated competition for his place on the podium. This 27 year old has already stole the heart of Hollywood girlfriend Emma Roberts in a flash and has already shown special FX for the 'American Horror Story' series that leaves him running and running across the seasons in a Spring to Winter, what happened to the Summer sun and Autumn leaves quickness. Don't you always ask "where has the year gone"?! Well now you're going to ask "where the hell did this kid come from"?! St. Louis, Missouri, to be exact, but the arch of this guys talent sees him taking off to a sound barrier of breaking success. Those Pink Floyd t-shirts are going to sell even more like those Iron Man Black Sabbath ones. Who knows he may even bring silver jackets back in fashion. This is his time and he's arrived before the hand even ticked forward for him. Running like there was no tomorrow in these days of tomorrows yesterday. Running like he just stole your aunts blueberry pie off the window-sill while it was cooling, devouring it all down to the crust while it was still hot. This kid has taken the cake. Runing like he was late for a date...but this time destiny was prepared to wait. Running like he's late for the school of the gifted class, racing past cars with a speeding ticket and points on his license, but with no steering wheel or breaks. This kid is a star vehicle by himself. You better keep up as 'Lazarus' comes next for a guy whose about to star in the apocalyptic biblical proportions of the sacred text of comic-book credits. We can't even see the finish line for this kid, he's so far ahead of the starters gun as he's about to go supersonic. Are you following. On your marks, get ready, set....GO!

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