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Jennifer's Body Of Work.



"Cold hearted bitch". That's how Hugh Jackman describes Jennifer Lawrence ("well don't hold back"). Or, well how his 'X-Men' Wolverine character describes her Mystique one in the forthcoming 'Days Of Future Past' film. 'Avatar' blue seems to be the colour of the year in Marvel's marvellous year from 'The Winter Soldier' Captain America's cold front to Jamie Foxx's epic Electro character in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' that will join Zoe Saldana's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' green in taking down the army of 'Transformers' the 'Planet of The Apes' and the movie might of 'Godzilla'. Then of course there's Mystique, in all her blue painted on skin, red hair and Raven to her name eyes. The most alluring character in X-Men and maybe all comic-books, not only for her fan-boy dress up sex appeal but the way she twists and turns through the weaves of the plot like a mutated double agent. Possibly one of the strongest female characters in superhero and even franchise history who better to play this iconic creation than the hottest actor of the moment Jennifer Lawrence? She's about to steal the show and grow into her own characters skin that for most actresses would be their defining role, but up until now for Lawrence has been a side-part to her two-fold yearly domination. A reign that at just 23 and not enough years of work added on to make her 30's has won 'The Hunger Games' and the best blockbuster of the calender rounds each year with the new terrific trilogy that sticks a stake arrow from a bow into the heart of 'Twilight'. One that makes her trip to the Academy Awards for her Oscar nominations or awards as annual as a tradition as her slipping over the red carpet there.

Everyone's falling for her however as this young lady is showing she's no joke and the real deal in this Hollywood world of actresses still not getting their due deserves or respects like arguably the best right now Cate Blanchett. There's those stars that deserve more. Of course Zoe Saldana is almost there and Eva Mendes would be if she was given better roles like last years best 'The Place Beyond The Pines'. Then of course there's the Black Widow, 'Her' herself Scarlett Johannson who is showing more talent 'Under The Skin'. Still, even this leading lady is right now chasing Lawrence (like her 'Hustle' co-star Amy Adams) who at 23 has already achieved so much from being a geek and Academy favourite. Give her another couple of decades and she could be the new Meryl Streep. This is how legendary she could get. Believe it from a chameleon character that doesn't even have to paint her skin in disguise to mystify us. But boy is she going to have her fun doing it. From doing the original, triumphant trilogy proud to channelling The Catwoman of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Anne Hathaway from the French hat to the high leg kick to the throat that's as threatening as it is sexy. From morphing mid-fight to battling a battalion for a troop of mutants in a post Spider-Man credits surprise, she's high-kicking and disguising her way into her own scene stealing role alongside the star studded, high popular likes of the original (Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry) the origins (Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy) and the sirs (Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen). After she gave a 'First Class' approved supporting role alongside a Beast of an off-screen boyfriend in Nicholas Hoult, this is her moment to show before the X-Men 'Apocalypse' that in this star world she's the biggest of this A-list not only in this Hollywood moment but in this Hollywood picture.

She doesn't even need a bow and arrow. Give her one however and this girl from the district of Louisville, Kentucky will shoot down any opponent. From 'Lord Of The Rings' to 'The Hobbit' book trilogies are now the norm in Hollywood. Some even stretch it out like 'Harry Potter' or 'Twilight' to keep their teen icons defying age like wizards and vampires. Still no matter the 'Divergent' competition in its path nothing right now is 'Catching Fire' like 'The Hunger Games'. With the 'Mockingjay' finale about to be one of this years red hot films along with the Smaug dragon burning epic conclusion to 'The Hobbit' trilogy it seems even the fall is the new Summer when it comes to big blockbusters despite all these X-Men and more to marvel at. From Woody Harrelson to Stanley Tucci this franchise has them all, even showcasing rock star Lenny Kravitz's acting talents and showing one of the late, great Phillip Seymour Hoffman's (R.I.P.) last roles. Still through it all this is a series that turned new hearthrobs Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth (brother Of Thor) into stars. None have shined brighter however than Jennifer Lawrence switching from blonde to brunette to play the iconic lead and tough hearted role model Katniss...albeit a role model that kills for food. From throwing bows and showing she's could out arrow Hawkeye or Legolas (I think we know who will win this years fall battle) to nominating her amazing acting talents as tribute this franchise will always be Lawrences baby and possibly always one of the biggest things she's been a part of. Especially with the promise of the trilogys closer. No matter all the X-Men or Oscars she'll team up with over her life, this is the film that gave her a face in this acting world. This is what hit the cupids mark and made her a star we all fell in love with.

This is still Lawrence of the Academy however and Jennifer's body of work that has only been taking shape since 2006 already has an Oscar and a nominations change two years before she hits her first decade anniversary with Hollywood. This is where the. realest acting has taken place. Just take this years Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for example. OK, nothing was beating '12 Years Of A Slave' or 'Gravity' in this years Academy takedown but David O. Russell's 'American Hustle' play of 'Fighter' stars and more was the most supremely stylish film of modern times as it hark back to the hallmark seventies like its signature soundtrack. Between games of hunger and mutations, Lawrence in her already busy dozen of years managed to fit into an Academy accreditation, as well as an actual Golden Globe and BAFTA award between a wowzer white cocktail dress and a marigold drunken rendition of 'Live & Let Die' in a film that showed she was more than just the support but the Mystique of this piece too, causing all the trouble in the caustic background. This Mystique too held her own alongside the famous likes of Batman, Lois Lane, Hawkeye and that Racoon from 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'. Or should we say Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper (you can play this superhero game with almost any film its getting so big and broad). With Cooper and Russell she hit Oscar gold with the 'Silver Linings Playbook' of a awesome Matthew Quick novel adaptation where she showed there was more hunger behind the brunette of Katbiss running, dancing and solving all her problems on the way to her second Oscar nomination and first win. It wasn't just a win for the Academy but for anxiety sufferers as Lawrence and Cooper's problematic characters came under the cloud of depression to give the perfect therapy to the oft shamefully ignored problem of mental illness. Offering more than just counsel from Hollywood's hottest male and female lead.

Jennifer Lawrence has certainly come a long way. Following her hilarious lead role in 'The Bill Engvall Show' sitcom (what's up Bill!?) she has shown a hell of a lot of heart to go with that 'Young Artist Award' winning humour. Although she's still the same girl that will stick her middle finger up at the Oscar press for fun. Now trip over that. After the 'Burning Plain' and 'Winters Bone' (the first gold statue nomination-the youngest to ever receive too-check it out) of inspired indie films this independent woman as influenced a new generation from her strong lead roles to defying all critics and image problems many young woman suffer by standing loud and saying she's proud of her body and how she looks, putting it on in full blue colour as Mystique this year. Many of her fond followers will now follow suit of this perfect role model that doesn't shy away from the real life and talk that makes us human and this is something that therefore connects with not only her fans and audience, but everybody who understands...or is about too. The highest grossing actress heroine of all time really is a hero. Mrs. Everdeen is a evergreen talent when its lights, camera and action. This young star auditioned for Bella in 'Twilight' too. Could you imagine what would of been of she got that franchise too. Why they didn't pick her strong will is amazing...perhaps she smiled too much, but what was Edward Cullen's loss is Suzanne Collins and Oscars gain. "Glad" she didn't get the part, films like 'Garden Party' and 'The Poker House' with Chloƫ Grace Moretz, the girl whose about to chase her followed. 'Like Crazy', Mel Gibson's 'Beaver' with Jodie Foster and more dark turns into roles exploring mental illness followed 'The Winters Bone' and a captivating catalogue collection as courageous as Clint Eastwood's directorial look into the effects of child abuse. It must be noted however that Eastwood has done this in his later years while this young girl has already done it before 25, before shape-shifting into Hollywood horrors like 'The Hills Have Eyes' she laid out all her vulnerability and young acting growth onto a big screen in front of millions worldwide. That's tough. That's amazing. That's why legendary 'Games' co-star Donald Sutherland compares this Lawrence to the great Laurence Olivier...it doesn't get much better than that. That's why from 'The Rules of Inheritance' to 'The Ends Of The Earth' (also with Russell) her future work could be her best yet. That's what's taken her from an independent success to a commercial reception she richly deserves in all its gold. The odds are now in her favour...and that's no mystique.

"I've always studied people and been fascinated by their reactions and feelings. And I think that's the best acting class you can take – watching real people, listening to them and studying them."-Jennifer Lawrence.

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