Tuesday, 13 May 2014



Frat Pack Musical.

97 Minutes. Starring: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Director: Nicholas Stoller.

Knock, knock! Who's there? Well you could call this a 'Superbad Neighbourhood Watch Off Jump Street', as Nicholas Stoller who 'Forgot Sarah Marshall' with 'Get Him To The Greek' gives us the crass comedy of the year as Seth Rogen bumps heads and properties with someone that could make his stoner-crowd comedy look old in the fresh out of 'High School Musical' hangover Zac Efron. In a hilarious happening of playing 'Animal House' this is anything but a buddy comedy as Rogen finds himself shacked up next to THE neighbour from 'Project X' hell. Get your iPhone snapchats ready for this one because between barbecues that will make you feel fat, airbags that are anything but safe for you crash test dummies and landscape gardening that could even make the porcelain, powder white skin of 'Edward Scissorhands' blush, this is one hell of a party that even 'Uncle Buck' couldn't quiet with the end of his drill. All other comedies this year will be shown the door as it's time to turn that mess down and turn this one up. Sure, the days of those warm and welcoming John Hughes family comedies that we love may be gone, but instead we have some where the former squeaky clean Efron comes with a parental advisory sticker and doesn't even wipe his feet on the welcome mat.

Making himself at home with his frat pack ("they must be a fraternity", Rogen hilariously muses "they're carrying greek letters") anyone that thought Efron was just lame teenage poster wall fodder may want to check his work again. Following his ambitious turns in 'Parkland' and 'The Paperboy'-that saw another career redeemer to the tune of an Oscar, Matthew McConaughey set him straight-this kid is now showing he has the comedy chops to join the likes of Jonah Hill with this new 'Awkward Moment'. Just call him this years Channing Tatum, because he goes beyond the ladies favourite to be the funniest thing about this film for all you fellas. His gag reel has been given as stern a workout as his fitness instructor and if we don't ever see him in anything funnier its because he's raised the bar already...and thrown up all over it. You think you've been to a red cup party like this, but have another sip. Efron has earned his place on the wall. You thought he was just another model for Abecrombie & Fitch? Look again! With classic young comedians like 'Superbad' Christopher Mintz-Plasse by his side and James Franco's younger brother Dave-who is making his name for himself over the one that ends with his brother...and having funnier lines than that one about "rhyming with grape"-all that's missing now is Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. Then these guys would know how to be old enough to party and get their crunk on like "gangsters what's up guys". Now McClovin doesn't need an I.D...that suspect beard will do it for him we are partying until the Seth Rogen cops come knocking.

They do in the form of Seth's parenting role which shows he is still funny even if he is anything but down with the kids. Just like that last phrase that proves this almost 30 writer isn't either. Still, from his high brand of weed smoking comedy to his fond and favourite references to hip-hop, this 'Outkast' does it again in something that is earth shatteringly funnier than 'This Is The End' from its dick jokes to its impression improvisation skills from a Mark Wahlberg lookalike to a presidential soundalike too. No longer a 'Bridesmaid', but a wife and mother Aussie Rose Byrne is back too after at one point being the woman in all the films and trailers. Now after convincing everyone she's an American and Russell Brand that she's British, Byre finally gets to accent her performance in her native tongue...and she's never been better for it. Add this and THE most hilarious Robert De Niro costume party that you..."YOU" could hope to go to and this film is really talking to you. Fingers pointed at eyes and then at you, you need to be watching this! Comedies this year are back in the circle of trust Focker and if you don't like that then maybe it's time to get your 'Pulp Fiction' references in order because this dude abides...wait...what?! Even I'm getting lost in all the hazing here in a film that really ties the blockbuster Summer together like a Lebowski rug...just as long as it doesn't get peed on again by these home wreckers. Strikes one, two and three for this 'Old School' fraternity make this your funny film of the year that even has Lisa Kudrow in a Dean role for all you 'Friends' generation fans who once again want to be reminded of just how old you've got. Could this "beeee" any funnier?! Do kids really do this? Look at it I'm saying it again. Staring down the barrell of my twenties has never looked so nostalgia needy fun. Everybody need bad neighbours like these, even if an Aussie soap gives this film a different name away from home. Aint that right Rose? This one burns down the house. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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