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Jurassic Rim.

123 Minutes. Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn & Bryan Cranston. Director: Gareth Edwards.

Is it a tornado? A tsunami? A typhoon? Roaring and rampaging into cinemas right now is the ultimate movie monster and monolith that is set to destroy the magna hot blocks of the core busting, summer season of massive movies from the rise of the 'Transformers' to the 'Dawn Of The Planet Of Apes'. Making a mark in melting down all Marvel has to offer in its most magical year from the most super solo sequel 'Captain America-The Winter Soldier' and the awesome 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' that's about to set up the X-Mens 'Days Of Future Past'. Something that can rock 'em and sock 'em with the formidable fun of 'Pacific Rim' and hopes to make 'Jurassic World' extinct before it even opens to visitors next year. It seems like 'Godzilla' has been around as long as the dinosaurs almost, as this Kaiju from Japan is as legendary as the city of Tokyo it destroys itself. From the shores of Asia to the famous landmarks of the United States Of America it sets out to destroy like it had received picture postcards from the 'Pacific Rim' monsters and the 'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' (you can just imagine Ceasar texting (well he can talk now) "just make sure you attack the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday, we have it booked in for the weekend") this brilliant beast that swims through the oceans as epic as him like a Loch Ness monster is no myth right now. He's literally the biggest worldwide Hollywood movie star whose been stomping the red carpet longer than your top billing A-listers.

They're all here too, but its the big guy that is the biggest attraction. Following the silly fun around New York City in the 90's 'Godzilla' movie that was hallmark to its time and tide of cheesy but classic decade disaster epics like 'Daylight' and 'Independence Day', comes the mecca of movies that takes more than a bite out of the big apple of the last one. Deeper, darker and more dominant in this age where a 90's Clooney Batman is turned into the rising of a Christian Bale 'Dark Knight', this is as true to the Tokyo testament even more than the typography or location of this picture. Even more than the Ron Burgundy jazz-flute that is working overtime on this soundtrack to evoke that 'Jurassic Park' tension like its similar cable snap and whipping and blue and white helicopter over green trees scene that will almost have you convinced you're about to tell Dr. Alan Grant how to fasten his seatbelt properly. This film may take scene cues from everything from 'Saving Private Ryan', 'The Hunger Games-Catching Fire' and even the 'Pacific' Kaijus that came before him-and may have even done battle in a scheduling conflict-but its still its very own picture that doesn't rip off when dinosaurs ruled the cinemas like the last 'Godzilla' movie that needed to take a moment and a vibrating glass of water to think again. There's a 'War Of The Worlds' in itself to make this an even more big screen legend of popcorn movies for the legacy of this classic creatures.

A spoiler alert would have to come with this review if we unfairly revealed more and you should really only watch the teaser trailer of this movie despite the temptation. Then you'll be in for the biggest surprise and what is making all the other cult fans so excited. So let's just say enjoy this film for yourself and the child-like abandon you'll have as a grown adult watching something that will remind you of the first time you met Batman or a T-Rex, albeit with the kind of 'Judgement Day' scary darkness you wished you could have stayed up with your parents to watch. With a bold and beautiful battle royala of sensational scenes that give the original legend its outstanding homage this is the amazing artwork in real time to add to the perfect pictures painted and punctuated over this Goaliths almost biblical reign. When it comes to on-screen in this digital, super special effects day and age of course this monster has never looked better and through newsscreen and CCTV teases throughout the film itself, when you actually see the main feature presentation for yourself in all its flesh and glory bedhind tyhe smoked screen of night you will be the furthest roar from disappointed. The only thing more epic than how this Godzilla looks is how entertaining it gets evoking the old school, electric energy of the Tokyo titles in this creatures classic catalogue. This truly is a monster and roaring success with a nuclear radioactive effect on the worldwide box office.

There's nothing small about the little people either who are anything but trampled by this Tyronosauras type wrecking ball. Attempting to break good, breaking God, you're favourite chemistry teacher Bryan Cranston is on classic career form in something that makes this force of nature even more formidable. Cranston is the type of actor that can make something like calling someone a liar that much scarier and stake ridden like his stone age, old school acting skill set. Nobody could set up this end of the world epic in as world of disater flick domination than the man who knocks. Especially amongst movie icons like Juliette Binoche and David Strathairn, who add their stellar support to a creative cast from Elizabeth Olsen to Sally Hawkins. Then again no one is as punctuated as Ken Wantabe in setting up the peril of a picture like this even more than being the classic choice to accent the name 'Godzilla'. Between Cranston and Wantabe you could be a grown man and even scared into belief of what's coming. Still its the beefed up, Aaron Taylor-Johnson whose being kicking ass in the gym who adds more muscle and punch to this comic like cult classic. The man from 'Nowhere Boy' now shows he could play a grown up John Lennon as he adds another legendary subject to the matter of his legacy. Still with all these people it will be the monster man himself Toho who will be most proud with his amazing animal that has been released into the modern movie wild with a wonderful tailspin around the towering skyscrapers and structures of compelling cinematography. With a terrific and trumphant turbulence of disaster stakes, this comes in like a tornado and reigns like thunder. The might of Godzilla is still him ROAR! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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