Tuesday, 28 April 2015



Reeves Reloaded.

Woah! In Keanu Reeves new comeback movie that's eating the critics and customers up like corn that pops, his character 'John Wick' kills around 79 people, the bullet count says. In this movie he only needs to inspire 47. Inspired by the real life group of 18th-century Japanese samurai, who without a master used Chūshingura to avenge the death of their lord, this traditional story is retold with a supernatural twist. One that turns special effects dragons into formidable fighting foes. It's clear Keanu Reeves-who thanks to that minute in 'The Matrix' knows kung fu-is looking to expand his martial artistry. You only have to see the 'Man Of Tai Chi' or his Pistol Pete packing heat moves in 'Wick' to see this guy can still move in bullet time...even at 50! Sporting the longer hair and bearded alternative, alter-ego to his clean cut, Hollywood heartthrob look, the guy has clearly still got it. Far from the last samurai though he has aided by a true warriors performance by 'Rush Hour 3' and 'The Wolverine' star Hiroyuki Sanada, who has really been coming into his own over the last few years. Hiding nothing, this entering dragon is no crouching or shying tiger. Instead its a fearless, hero picture that honours the greats, despite critics flying daggers. Although this left Universal in the red, it's clear that thanks to their latest star vehicle and Reeves recent fist and furious film, the pair are getting along promisingly now. Still it was critical catalyst cinematic adventures like this that showed that the 'Point Break' star could still hit...point blank. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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