Tuesday, 21 April 2015



Lets Ride.

Do you want to ride? Comedian Kevin Hart is arguably the funniest man on the planet...and former N.W.A. rapper Ice Cube, the angriest. So you know that this little buddy/all comedy, riding shotgun showdown is going to be for the 'Bad Boys' of bullets and bantering. Think of this as a funny mans 'Training Day', all the way to the hilarious referencing. Its all light hearted chuckles and action in a class comedy that you just can't help go along with. In their Mexican standoffs it's like every line of dialogue was designed to infuriate Cube and keep Hart's beating laughs anything but ice cold all the way to the barbeque. Everyone's talking about Kevin, your new 'Wedding Ringer', singing to the tune of a sold out stadium show tour this year. The types his rapping partner, 'Straight Outta Compton'-who is about to be honoured by his own son in a biopic (now how about a classic cameo?)-was used to. This is straight crazy. Sure Hart's latest double-team, place trader with legend Will Ferrell wasn't as classic as we all thought or hoped it would be, but this one really gets hard as Ice Cube jumps out of 'Jump Street' right into the crack! With passenger seat support from the likes of the always great John Leguizamo, rapper/rising actor David Banner and legend Laurence Fishburne this journey is given more chrome and paint with its top twos torque. Now with a sequel on the way featuring hilarious when hungover Ken Jeong, new 'X-Woman' Olivia Munn and actor/singer Tyrese Gibson its about to get real Fast and Furious. Enjoy the ride...just don't give Ice Cube a Prius...that wouldn't be a good day! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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