Tuesday, 28 April 2015



Beastie Boys.

Dog the bounty hunter ain't got jack on these cops. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back people and older and badder than ever. With a 'Commando' commanding performance leading a gang of agents that look more like tattooed Terminators on motorcycles, this is the most action Arnie gun fun you've had since he spun that shotgun round on the back of that storm drain chasing Harley. And you thought him 'Expendable'! Nah! Like his buddy Stallone he's got an 'Escape Plan' for those sly critics just looking at age. Far from 'The Last Stand' this grit and grime sidewalk sweep of street crime shows us this 'Last Action Hero' has still got it as the Governator of this universe chomps down on a victory cigar. Arnie muscles up a cast of household name heavyweights with Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams, Terrence Howard, Mireille Enos and Joe Manganiello who all trade their recognisability for real and raw performances of range. This team with a Bronson death wish is all brought together by forthcoming 'Suicide Squad' pack director David Ayer with furious range. A man who last year showed he was the real deal with the raw ravaged Brad Pitt 'Fury' of tank turmoil. And yes this film is just as violent with the words and action, but behind all the F-bombs and bullets is something inked deeper than the tattoo's underneath the bulletproof vests. And that's Arnold's rep. This isn't career suicide or sabotage. He told you he'd be back. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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