Tuesday, 28 April 2015



Raging Rock

Leeeets geeeeet reeeadyyyy toooooo...retire! Now here's some Expendable action for you. In the red corner we have Rocky Balboa, Stallone...looking like he'd need a Stairmaster for those steps in Philly. In the blue, the Raging Bull, De Niro, who looks like he's been grabbing the pig by the horns, all the way to bacon and eggs each morning. But woah, woah, woah! Who am I apart from some skinny blogger to throw shade at two legends. This is fun...and I mean the film, not the jokes. But this comedy has got them too as it boxes clever and clearly shows these action and gangster icons aren't afraid of a little tongue in cheek before the denture gets in the mouth guards way. One scene where a Rocky style montage ends up with Sly going one-on-one in a meat locker with a dead cow is inspiringly hilarious. A great surprise comedy like Bobby's geriatric 'Hangover' of 'Last Vegas', De Niro shows once again he can go from meeting the 'Godfather' to 'Meet The Parents' in seconds out, without the flat gags. This hilarious homage has plenty in its corner, even great bouts of boxing as it takes hits and premises from the last 'Balboa' movie. There's more handling the bucket and sponge here from the stool as the hilarious Kevin Hart, 'Argo' where to go Alan Arkin and musician LL Cool J help rap this up. Yet its the still beautiful Kim Basinger and the De Niro gene pool Jon Bernthal of 'Wall Street' wolf and 'Fury' frame that show heart behind the rib tickles. Stallone/De Niro. It's quite the billboard event knockout and despite the critics punches pulled, these two show its not how hard they were hit, but how they get back up without a crutch. There's more than just dust on these knuckles. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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