Tuesday, 21 April 2015



Cold As Ice.

Feeling chilly? Then how's this for an icebreaker? Captain America and General Zod assemble and suit up to defeat their foes. No we're not talking about Superman, but any mortal standing in these hitmen ways. Except women and children, as Michael Shannon goes the opposite direction of the Titanic and teams up with Chris Evans and his ice cream truck to sink his targets as cold as frost. This is 'The Iceman' people, no not a biopic about San Antonio Spurs legend George Gervin, but a real life mobster who killed more than 100 people between the mid sixties and eighties. This classic film to the texture looks traditionally right, even if its subject is far from it. Shannon's sublime screen time here drew comparisons to De Niro and Pacino (think of the brilliant, versatile Oscar Issac in 'A Most Violent Year' last fall) standing next to the wonder Winona Ryder, this leading man should have seen Oscar gold too. Chris Evans deserves more praise too, for a role that is anything but nice-guy, Captain America. This Avenger decked out in unwashed long hair, beard and horn rimmed glasses looks like he belongs on a whole other register in this uncivil war, especially serving popsicles and cones with more in the freezer. Yet he makes his character ever likable...and should we say cool?! This slick, mob cut is the godfather of new age, traditional gangster movies with more depth below the ice. There's so much here to crack through. Even great cameos from the former pretty boy likes of James Franco and Stephen Dorff who really act up. And what gangster film wouldn't be complete without the veteran of this game legend Ray Liotta and...erm David Schwimmer? Laugh all you want friends, but you may not even recognize Ross here at first with long hair and a maverick moustache. He handles this role perfectly too in a film that is a cut above the chest freezer. Like two cubes in whiskey, this chiller thriller shoots straight. It puts everything and everyone else on ice. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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