Saturday, 25 April 2015



Lone Star.

Bonds between brothers beat bullets, brutality and blood. It's something as deep as bravery in a soldiers heart, engraved like the dog tags around their neck. No matter your opinion on the tragedies of war, many men who fight for the rights of their people are heroes. Even if those who send them off to slaughter with a stroke of a pen who act like that are far from that truth. A hard subject to handle, the Academy Award nominated Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper movie 'American Sniper' divided people to clear lines of good and bad. Such is the conflicting nature of war. This great film makes us think of another one from a year back. The man Cooper played Chris Kyle knew the man of this movie, Marcus Luttrell. The author of 'Lone Survivor', a brilliant book and the guide to his survival against on your worst enemy, unimaginable odds as his whole team was killed and he was left to fend for himself in the middle of a war zone. The ever hard working, underrated and great Mark Wahlberg responds to the call of duty in playing Marcus, with arguably the performance of his career. Still matching some beautiful backdrops captured on camera for the highest definition seen this side of special effects, this film has so much more substance than style. Waking modern mainstream thinking up to both sides of the coin of war that cruelly leaves many lives hanging on the fickle fate balance of chance. There's more to conflict than ammunition and oil and this film gets to the heart and soul of matters as simply and poignantly as life should be. You don't leave your fellow man behind. You never give up! No matter the evil. You do it for peace. A troop of great actors, in medal worthy performances from the terrific Taylor Kitsch, emotive Emile Hirsch, always brilliant Ben Foster and equally bold Eric Bana round out this cast led by the wonderful Wahberg. Yet less we forget. The real heroes here are Marcus Luttrell, Mike Murphy, Matt Axelson, Danny Dietz and many more of our best and bravest lost so we can be found. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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