Wednesday, 8 April 2015




Dear John if you thought Keanu Reeves career was down to the wick you'd be wrong. Here he plays butcher, baker and candlestick maker as Neo shows he's still the one like Twain. They're calling this Keanu's best film since 'The Matrix'. I guess as great as it is it wouldn't be really cool and thrilling to call this his best film since his Sandra Bullock 'Speed' reunion 'The Lake House'. As here the forever young star at a half century goes from Bogus to Bogeyman playing a man going on a 'Kingsman' church shootout professional killing spree after thugs steal his car and kill his dog. On a "they messed with the wrong man" trailer tip, all you need for an amazing, brain at the condiments section, action movies heart and justice...or hey even a plot is a cute dog. This revenge thriller dressed in leather and painted with a red mist hue is a 90's throwback, B movie styling that can be marked with an A plus. If this film goes below 50 bullets a minute, the audiences interest dies, so the ever likable Keanu justifies his Hollywood homicide by kicking even 'Taken's' ass. And yes this too will have a sequel as you can put this next to the 'Constantine's' and 'Johnny Mnemonic's' of the cult classics of the diverse range of this laid back looking but fearless actors classic catalogue. As Keanu growls in the face of everyone's doubt here, alongside a class cast of Dafoe's and John Leguizamo's; "people keep asking me if I'm back...well I guess I am"! He proves this point for real, not passively, but aggressively. Number one with a bullet. Its never "just" a dog. This one John has just had his day. Wicked. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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