Tuesday, 7 April 2015



Got Hart?

Are you hard yet? Get this! Here almost 'Trading Places' like a classic rags and riches, Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy, eighties throwback, 'Get Hard' deals up the reigning king of comedy and arguably perhaps the funniest man on the planet today together. As the king of Hart's everybody needs to talk about Kevin right now and with this and the start of this years 'Wedding Ringer', the stand-up star looks to be in matrimony with movies, for better or worse for the rest of his Hollywood, 'Ride Along' life. Still its a different way with Will. Ferrell goes at everything like a feral creature. Frank the tank's, basketball players, news anchors. A real legend that's more than a big deal. This little and large pairing is perfect then in this comedy that sees a big business guy seeking the advice of the guy that cleans his car when faced with a sentence a little longer than; "I want it back by 5". Sounds pretty suspect...and it is, but we hope in the name of satire and not cheap, substance starved jokes. Because of course something featuring a double team like this is full of jokes, but lets hope its on something a little more sincere than us. With classic cameos from the best of rock and rap in John Mayer and T.I. everyone goes hard here in a film full of yachts, flame throwers and kiestering. From classic Will to Hart's inspired role playing beats these two are guilty of being funny, but we'd like to see Kevin and Ferrell sentenced for more. Maybe not a sequel but in the future this parole board would like to see more from these two from their next hearing! Get it? Its not hard! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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